with empowering spiritual experiences that weave together intuitive energy healing, breathwork, botanicals, and soul coaching.

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I help women experience the healing and magic found within surrender and connection to self. Through intuitive energy healing, breathwork, plant magic and medicine, crystals, and soul coaching; become empowered and excited to honour the heart, and live a life in alignment with your soul.

Do you desire greater intuitive connection for ease and flow within your life or heart-led business?

Are you seeking tools for deep release, regulation of your emotions, and peace in mind, body and soul?


Energy Healing & Breathwork

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Island Retreats & Workshops

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Connect with your subconscious thoughts, suppressed emotions, past encounters, limiting beliefs, and intuitive wisdoms. These guided 1:1 or group sessions are an opportunity to acknowledge and release that which no longer serves you, clear the brain fog, co-create with the universe, and hear your heart speak. You get to relax while I guide energy throughout your body; inviting deep healing, inner balance, deep relaxation, and rejuvenation. 


Capturing heartfelt stories and soulful experiences among the untamed wild of Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. Work with me for your non-traditional elopement or wedding, creative brand photos, or to celebrate and embody your feminine self and inner goddess. For those seeking storytelling for your most sacred moments and images that encompass connection, emotion, and your authentic spirit.


For women seeking community, connection, and empowering experiences rooted in mother earth and the soul-nourishing natural elements. These single and multi-day Vancouver Island gatherings are for dreamers, adventurers, and soul-seekers craving sanctuary and deeper connection to all that blooms within. You can look forward to soulful work combined with opportunities to explore, play, rest, and create friendships.  


Forever curious, I am always seeking new experiences and things to learn about. Living in Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island, the ocean waves, waterfalls and lush whimsical forests have my heart. Big dogs, orca whales, and tending to flowers in my garden also make me so very happy! Exploring the realms of spirituality and soul-aligned living has taught me to embrace my multi-passionate nature and ever-evolving spirit. I have learned and grown so much by chasing my curiosities and maintaining a strong connection to the whispers of my heart over the past years.

meet Chelsea!

I am excited to help you experience the same magic within your own life!

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I'm a dreamer, adventurer and creative at heart. 

"I often come back to my journal entry on the experience I had with Chelsea that day and it has helped to unfold some really meaningful things in my life. I treasure what I received that day and I also treasure Chelsea‘s presence during the session."

Kirstin M.

"Chelsea was an absolute DREAM to collaborate with and brought all of our visions to life. When we received our photos, I could not believe the images she captured. My husband and I sat on the couch and I cried my eyes out reliving the day through her lens."

Airdrie + Erik

Breathwork has helped me to work through one of the most challenging times I have ever known, and Chelsea provides such a supportive atmosphere, free of judgment, which has allowed me to fully explore anything that has come up in our sessions. I highly recommend Chelsea to anyone who is interested in learning about breath work."

Heather H.

Chelsea effectively used the natural outdoor environment to enhance these emotions, and we couldn't be more thrilled with the results. Each time we look through the gallery, we laugh and cry all over again. Thank you very, very much! We wholeheartedly recommend working with Chelsea!”

Shaylah + Kris 



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Consciously curated, one-of-a-kind crystals to support your healing journey while infusing more magic and beauty into everyday life. 



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