Vancouver Island 


It’s so important to tend to our inner needs. To give our minds and our hearts a chance to breathe. To form clear thoughts + ideas without the influence or distraction of everything else going on in this wild world. 

And so I am calling on all women who crave the opportunity to explore their curiosities and heart whispers; those seeking community, spiritual growth, and sanctuary.

Coming in 2024

The time has come

A one-of-a-kind nature immersed Vancouver Island retreat is near.
For the seekers, dreamers, free spirits, adventure lovers, and curious creatives. 


Chelsea Banwell


Are you ready to create space in your lives to evolve and awaken to your personal inner magic?

You can get excited about: 

And most importantly:

Sitting under the stars, a beach bonfire to warm us to the core

Laughing loudly, sharing intimately, growing and evolving together in a nurturing environment

Waves crashing to the shore at the end of the day, lulling us to sleep, our minds calm and souls full

Lifelong sisterhoods formed, carrying us home as we continue on our soul adventure

A remembrance that we are worthy of honouring our dreams, visions and ideas, and no longer need to be held back

A blend of work and play among the healing and nourishing landscapes of Vancouver Island

Practicing surrender and release to shed the things that no longer align with your highest good

Learning to connect to your intuition, awaken your inner magic, and hear your heart speak

Energy healing, breathwork and embodiment practices

Experiencing all that blooms within by chasing our curiosities and understanding what a soul aligned life would mean to you

A chance for emotional healing and whole body balance

Spiritual experiences, deep soulful work, rituals, and botanical magic

Coming in 2023

Get ready for outdoor adventures, sightseeing, restoration, and rejuvenation in this transformative, nature immersion experience