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Awaken your inner magic

Awaken your inner magic

Born in Alberta, my soul has since found its home on Vancouver Island amongst the ocean waves, lush forests, icy waterfalls, and endless adventures with Mother Nature. I launched a photography and makeup artistry business in 2010 and have been growing and evolving ever since- now finding myself on a completely new path.

I'm Chelsea Dawn


It feels pretty magical to see the serendipitous events that have led me to where I am today. 

Looking back, there have been key moments and meetings that have unfolded over the last decade and each required one thing:
The bravery to chase my personal curiosities and heart whispers, even if I wasn’t fully aware of why.

serendipitous events



travel & moving


I am deeply connected with the landscapes and energy of Kauai and have made some of my favourite memories while travelling through Mexico, Central America and South East Asia. It was in these places that I began to truly awaken to the magic of using nature for wellbeing, the power of genuine community, and what really matters when it comes to happiness. Though I grew up in a household filled with meditation practices, crystals, tarot cards and other healing modalities as a child, it was my move to Vancouver Island and my world travels that really ignited my desire within for spiritual and personal growth in both life and business.

photography workshop


A photography workshop in Shreveport, Louisiana that introduced me to a newfound soul sister, and sense of community I had been longing for. This same woman would be the person who would encourage me to travel to California for a photography business retreat years later where I would spontaneously attend an energy healing and breathwork session for the first time and the trajectory of my life would be changed. That single session gave me the clarity that it was time to evolve my business. I could now see that I had been ignoring the inner nudges to grow. I had been pushing aside the waning creative spark, suppressing my emotions, confused by my anxiety and disconnection, and barely recognized myself outside of my job title. Thankfully, the universe got through to me in the end, and it was so freeing.

buying a home


Then there was the time my love Benjamin and I were looking to buy a house and the realtor insisted we view one that we had previously brushed off many times after viewing the online photos. To our surprise, it would end up being the house that we called our own, and spent years renovating while I surprised myself (and everyone else) by falling deeply in love with it’s whimsical established English garden. Having my hands in the soil, and immersed in the colours, scents and energy of flowers in bloom became my sanctuary. It led me to joyously declare that I dream of being a flower farmer on our half acre plot of land... growing with the intention of creating, nourishing, and healing through the magic and medicine found within our very own plot of land. A flower alchemist was born.

following a spiritual path


I have since received extensive training by wellness industry leader Millana Snow, allowing me to step confidently into the role of facilitating spiritual experiences and blooming as a wellness practitioner; all with the intention of holding a nurturing, sacred space for people to awaken to transformation. I’m also on a journey of becoming a certified herbalist and it feels so wonderful to be honoring my own soul-aligned path; weaving together my passion for holistic wellness, plant magic and medicine, storytelling, and creative expression to share my own unique and intentional offerings that I know in my heart will have lasting impact when experienced by others.

I found myself the new owner of a half acre of land, and immediately fell in love with the feeling of fresh air, hands in the dirt, sowing something from seed and nurturing it to flourish and bloom. To be honest, many would say I became flower obsessed. The scents, the colours, and the energy of each bloom invigorated my soul.

Gardening, particularly flowers and herbs, started it all.

I created botanical-based rituals and flower magic as an ally for emotional, mental, and physical wellness on their own but also alongside my in-person offerings. Simply put, a deep connection to nature beautifully supports the energy healing experience and powerfully assists in surrender, release, grounding and healing. 

I began to harvest plants with energetic benefits

a flower alchemist & soul coach

a person who transforms or creates something through a seemingly magical process; someone who transforms things for the better.

I like to call myself

"Chelsea's guidance and support is unparalleled."

Breath work has helped me to work through one of the most challenging times I have ever known, and Chelsea provides such a supportive atmosphere, free of judgment, which has allowed me to fully explore anything that has come up in our sessions.

Heather H.

"If you are wondering if you should do a breathwork session with Chelsea, the answer is yes!"

I often come back to my journal entry on the experience I had with Chelsea that day and it has helped to unfold some really meaningful things in my life. I treasure what I received that day and I also treasure Chelsea‘s presence during the session.

Kirstin M.

"Chelsea held the space for exactly what I needed. It was incredibly beautiful."

My session with Chelsea was during a really bad day for me. I was unmotivated, struggling and really at a loss. After Chelsea's guidance, powerful music selection and kind words, I felt more uplifted and ready for the rest of my day.

Missy M.

"It was an experience unlike anything I have ever had to date.”

I had never experienced a breathwork session before, yet Chelsea helped me to feel so comfortable and at ease with the process. From the set up, through the experience, to the closing I felt lovingly held in a safe space to explore any emotion or sensation that came up.

Shawna W.

the fun facts!

I'm a fun loving, magic-seeking Sagittarius.


Wannabe flower farmer and budding certified Herbalist! At my house, we do garden tours on the daily! Often early in the morning while sipping coffee, or as the sun sets and the yard is basked in golden light. It is my happy place and sanctuary!


Recently started exploring the world of ‘Human Design.’ I’m a 1/3 Manifesting Generator with Emotional Authority. I adore unraveling the intricacies of my unique spirit and my positioning in the world.


I love to sing. Piano ballads in the car or while cooking dinner is my specialty. String quartet covers of my favourite songs are magic. I’m also a Macklemore fan!


Beautiful music and colourful sunsets will sometimes make me cry happy tears. I am well known for my soft and sensitive heart.


I took piano lessons when I was younger but didn’t stick with it because I only wanted to play my favourite pop songs instead of the ‘boring music’ the piano teacher sent me home with. Picking it up again in my thirties because I am an adult now and make the rules :) 


My love language is ‘words of affirmation.’  Someone once told me I am a little ray of sunshine and that everyone needs a “Chelsea” in their life. It was a simple compliment that still makes me smile to this day!


Orca whales have my whole heart! I have had some incredible once-in-a-lifetime type encounters with them when out on the ocean and am so grateful I had my camera to capture it all! 


‘WICKED’ The Musical has my heart. I will never tire of seeing it live on Broadway.


Time spent with my hands in the soil, surrounded by the scents, colors and energy of flowers in bloom makes my heart happy!


Most days you can find me hiking along the river, exploring fern filled valleys, or working in the garden, I enjoy simple days spent with my love Benjamin and our two rescue pups named Goober & Hugo. They are the cutest!


Lavender earl grey tea lattes are my drink of choice.





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We all have something to release. And together, we will be finding the magic that lies within when you are willing to surrender, and let go of all of the things no longer serving you. A more vibrant life awaits.

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