$333.00 CAD

A rare and incredible one of a kind specimen from Bulgaria! Supports connection with the higher dimensions of consciousness and to one’s guides to receive information and guidance. An excellent meditation tool. Creates an energetic shield, purifies energy fields, and teaches one how to release behaviours that no longer serve them.

492g (1lbs)
Approximate size: 4.5" x 3.5" x 1.5"

Icy Phantom Amethyst w/ Chlorite Inclusions

– K.M.

"Thank you Chelsea. Just redid my alter and the Moss Agate sphere is just perfection. And the Stilbite gift is an unexpected perfection for what I'm doing right now. Though unlikely to be surprising to you, that's why you sent it. I so appreciate you!"

– Z.H.

 "Thank you so much for the crystals. They are absolutely gorgeous! These beauties have so much positive radiant energy in them. I could feel them as I was unpacking each one. They’re exactly what I needed for my healing!"

 – M.N.

"I obsessed over my Spirit Quartz for well over a month before I bought it and THANK GOODNESS it was still available! It felt so special unwrapping my little gift to myself. Now it sits in my living room and I get to enjoy it every day, adding beauty and good energy to my space."

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